Pieces 100% handmade in Barcelona

The process of creating Atrevetetete is completely handmade. From mixing colors, designing the polymer clay slabs and assembling parts to preparing the order. You will never find two exact pairs since each slab only produces a very small number of pieces. That makes them more special ;)

  • First earrings

    In 2019 I started to like big, showy earrings and I thought... what better than to make them myself!

    The ones in the image are the first prototypes of pieces I made with air drying clay. Shortly after I discovered what a great material polymer clay is.

  • @atrevetetete.bcn

    After the quarantine, after having accumulated many (too many) earrings at home, I decided to post some stories on Instagram showing my work.

    Little by little girls from all over Spain started to join my community.

  • Takeoff!

    These last four years I have been designing new patterns every week to offer you unique earrings and above all... beautiful ones!

    By following me on Instagram @atrevetetete.bcn you can find out all the news and see content from the creation process.

About Mariona

My name is Mariona Busto and I am the person behind Atrevetetete.

All my life I have had hobbies related to crafts and color. I am the kind of persona who can spend hours at her desk without realizing it.

When I finished my engineering studies in industrial design I decided to start my own small business, Atrevetetete.

I never imagined I would have a job that makes me so happy!

Thank you for making it possible.





Down below is a selection of my favorite earrings in case anyone doesn't know were to start ;)

My favorite earrings
  • Expression

    I want wearing daretetete to help you express your personality and improve your mood.

  • Craft

    I bet on handmade and local products.

  • Exclusiveness

    I defend the added value of producing very limited units.